Dining Commons

UEI Campus Dining is dedicated to providing a variety of quality fresh foods and exceptional service in a clean and friendly atmosphere, and meal plans that offer flexible, economical, and nutritious meal options.

Health Conscious

UEI Campus Dining offers nutritionally balanced food choices with menus, recipes, and service that work together to offer the healthiest eating experience!


The meal credit feature of our meal plans provides the flexibility to customize meals based on unique needs. If allergic to certain foods or a special diet is needed such as low-fat, organic, vegetarian, or vegan, our staff will develop an appropriate menu of options.

dining commons


The Servery at the Dining Commons offers a wide variety of menu selections. Our “All You Care to Eat” option offers “to-order” selections. Whether you prefer deli sandwiches, soup, pizza, pasta, a dinnertime carved-to-order meat selection, steamed vegetables, salads, or fresh fruit, we can meet your needs.


UEI Campus Dining meal plans fit budgets and busy schedules. The “All You Care to Eat,” meal plans are truly the best value on campus!


We want to hear from you! Your feedback is important and will help us improve the UEI Campus Dining program.

  • “You Share, We Care”, just text us your feedback and view our response via a monitor located in the dining room.
  • Visit the kitchen and talk with our chefs!
  • Call us anytime at (916) 278-6972
  • Or email us!