Frequently Asked Questions - Meal Plans

What are Stinger Deals (Meal Exchanges) and how are they used?

Stinger Deals (Meal Exchanges) are included in the Unlimited 7 (100/semester), Weekly 14 (100/semester), Weekly 10 (75/semester), Weekly 8 (50/semester), and Weekly 3 (1/week) plans. Each plan has a limited number of Stinger Deals (Meal Exchanges) that can be utilized throughout the semester. *The Weekly 3 Plan includes one Stinger Deal (Meal Exchange) per week that resets at the end of every week (Sunday at 11:59 PM). Stinger Deals (Meal Exchanges) can be used in place of a Meal Swipe for a meal from a pre-determined menu at The Bagel Place, Courtyard Market (breakfast only), Good Eats, Engrained (to-go only), Tenders Love and Chicken, and Baja Fresh Express (for an extra $3.00 from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM). The maximum number of Stinger Deals that can be used per week is limited to the total number of Meal Swipes each plan offers per week until reaching the allotted semester total.

Example: If you have the Weekly 14 Meal Plan, you can exchange up to 14 Meal Swipes per week for Stinger Deals (Meal Exchanges) until reaching the maximum of 100.

What are Meal Swipes and how are they used?

Meal Swipes are included in the Unlimited 7, Weekly 14, Weekly 10, Weekly 8, and Weekly 3 Meal Plans. They are used to access our buffet style all-you-care-to-eat location at The Servery at the Dining Commons or at the Courtyard Market for the Hot Meal Program (Monday – Friday during Lunch or Dinner). Meal Swipes reset at the end of every week (Sunday at 11:59 PM) and do not carry over from week to week.

How do I check my meal plan balance?

To access your balance of Meal Swipes, Flex$, and Guest Meals, please ask the cashier at any Hornet Hospitality location. To check your Stinger Deal (Meal Exchange) balance, please visit the Meal Card Office in The Servery at the Dining Commons or email *Holders of the Unlimited 7 meal plan may access their Stinger Deal (Meal Exchange) balance at any Hornet Hospitality location on campus.

Do I need a meal card to eat at The Servery at the Dining Commons?

No, any member of the campus community can eat at The Servery at the Dining Commons. We gladly accept cash or credit cards. However, if you have a meal plan, you can take advantage of the All You Care to Eat dining at a discount over the door price. Just present your meal card to the cashier when you arrive. We look forward to serving you!

What if I lose my meal card?

Lost meal cards for the Servery can be replaced at the Meal Card office, located in The Servery at the Dining Commons, for $10.00 cash, credit, or Flex$. See Meal Card office hours of operation.

How do I use my guest passes at the Servery?

It’s great to have a meal with a friend. That’s why most meal plans include guest passes. Just let the cashier know you’re bringing a guest and enjoy your meal. It’s that easy! Additional guest passes can be purchased at the Meal Card office in The Servery at the Dining Commons. Also, meal plans for the campus community are available and information can be found on the web site or at the Meal Card office.

Can I transfer meal swipes, meal exchanges, or Flex$ to my friend’s card?

All meal swipes, meal exchanges, and Flex$ purchased for your meal plan are for you only. However, you’re more than welcome to bring a friend or guest to your next meal with a guest pass!

What happens if I have extra meal exchanges or Flex$ left at the end of the semester?

You have the whole semester to use your meal plan so it’s your choice how you’ll use it! All meal swipes, meal exchanges, guest passes, and Flex$ expire at the end of the semester.

Can I change my meal plan?

Meal plan holders living on and off campus may make changes to their meal plan up to one time during the first two weeks of the semester. If changes are needed after, a small fee is required.

How can I add Flex$ to my meal plan?

You can add Flex$ to your existing meal plan at any time by visiting here.

What are the Meal Card Office hours?

See meal card office hours of operation. The meal card office is located in The Servery at the Dining Commons.

Can I take any items out of the Servery?

You may take a piece of fresh fruit, soft-serve ice cream in a cone, or beverage in the free beverage cup that you received during your move-in. Please see information about the Servery’s To-Go meal option.

What other meal choices do I have on campus if I can’t make it to the Servery?

All meal plans include Flex$ that can be used at eateries on campus that accept Flex$. You can also order a box lunch from The Servery and the Courtyard Market has a large selection of menu items.

When does my meal plan begin?

Meal plans generally begin the Friday before classes start.

Do you have menus for special dietary needs and vegetarian dishes?

Yes, The Servery at the Dining Commons staff will work with you to identify foods to meet your dietary needs. Please feel free to contact Hornet Hospitality’s Nutrition Manager, Dr. Qiong Chen at (916) 278-4566 to get started. Dr. Chen works closely with the chefs at the Servery. We also have a variety of vegan and vegetarian options on the daily menu. Our goal is to provide you the best dining experience possible!