Sac State Campus Dining Services Contracted to Aramark

SACRAMENTO, CA, March 24, 2021 – Following thorough evaluation and negotiation, University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI), signed a contract to outsource Sacramento State campus dining operations to Aramark, a global foodservice provider serving hundreds of colleges and universities throughout North America.

In April 2020, UEI issued a request for proposals to several large foodservice operators. Three proposals were received, and a 15-member evaluation committee with representatives from across the campus reviewed proposals, conducted interviews, and scored each of the proposers. Aramark received the highest score, and UEI’s Board of Directors in September 2020 approved the committee’s recommendation to move forward with contract negotiations.

UEI currently operates the University’s residential dining program, most retail dining, catering, and athletic concessions. Aramark will assume operational responsibility in July 2021, extend employment offers to UEI foodservice employees, and employ students at levels equivalent to those maintained by UEI. Aramark plans to bring to campus new brands that scored high in student surveys, including Pieology and Habit Burger.

“As expectations for enhanced dining services increase, the experience and resources that Aramark will bring to our campus ensures that students will receive high-quality food options and excellent customer service,” said Jim Reinhart, UEI executive director. “Aramark’s ability to meet a broad range of dietary needs and preferences, keep food prices reasonable, meet sustainability goals, and employ a diverse and professional workforce make them an excellent choice for Sacramento State.”
For more information, please contact Angela Rader, UEI’s director of Marketing and Communications, at 916-278-7425 or