Voluntary Meal Plan Form/Agreement

By submitting this form, this agreement entered into, by and and between University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) and the person named in this contract.

Conditions are as follows:

  1. Customers will receive a meal ID card from UEI-Dining Services and credits are assigned for use during the agreement period. Meal cards are non-transferable and may not be used by any other person at any time. Unused credits and Flex$ expire at the end of each semester. No refunds are given for unused credits or Flex$, all sales are final.
  2. Lost or damaged meal ID cards are subject to a replacement charge of $10.
  3. Customers present their meal ID card to the cashier or Dining Commons staff member upon entry or for the purpose of identification.
  4. Meal ID cards are the property of UEI. If requested, customers are required to relinquish possession of the meal card when requested by a cashier or Dining Services staff member.
  5. When visiting The Servery at the Dining Commons, it is required meals be eaten in the dining hall. No food, dishes, or utensils may be taken from the building with the exception of a to-go meal.
  6. Additional meal plan credits may be purchased at any time and are subject to the terms and conditions stated.
  7. Appropriate dress is required in The Servery at the Dining Commons including shoes and shirts.
  8. Meal cards are non-transferable.

Meal Plan Selection

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